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Issac takes an action-oriented, strengths-based, and collaborative approach with his clients. He works to empower clients to develop insight, skills, and resources to cope more effectively as they navigate their personal and interpersonal challenges, and to identify and implement solutions to experience long-lasting growth, healing, and change. Issac has experience working with individuals, couples, and families with unique backgrounds and life experiences. Issac also has experience working with adolescents struggling with a myriad of mood, behavioral, relational, social, and familial issues.

Issac is a Master’s student at Oklahoma State University studying Marriage and Family Therapy. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Family Science with a minor in Psychology from Weber State University in Utah. Following graduation, Issac plans to work toward becoming a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist while providing services for individuals, couples and families.

Issac is receiving training to provide therapeutic services to individuals, couples, and families from an integrative, systemic, and socioculturally-attuned approach. Issac is passionate about delivering quality and professional services for clients from diverse groups and populations; thus, he strives to be culturally humble and competent in terms of awareness, knowledge, and skills.


Issac has been married to his amazing wife for four years, and they have an incredible three year old child. Issac is a Christian and actively involved in his Church. In his spare time, Issac enjoys spending quality time with his family and participating in indoor and outdoor activities, such as watching anime, playing board, card, and video games, exercising and weightlifting, playing guitar, hiking and exploring, going on adventures, and trying new things. 


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